Research opportunities in prevention and population research



Our new prevention strategy outlines how we’ll work with our research community to create a world where many more types of cancer are prevented from developing.

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研究表明,约在10癌症外壳d be prevented through known modifiable risk factors, such as tobacco use and obesity. But by understanding more about how cancer develops and translating this knowledge into more precise interventions, we could prevent many more cases of the disease.


Our strategy for cancer prevention research


To meet this challenge and make the most of this opportunity, we will build on biological insights and mechanistic understanding to inform a new wave of more precise preventive interventions that decrease cancer incidence equitably across society.


  • Bringing biology to prevention
    Harness fundamental biological insight to provide new targets for cancer prevention.
  • 加深我们对风险的理解
    Deliver a more thorough and integrated understanding of population and individual risks of developing cancer in order to develop precision prevention measures.
  • 预防精确
  • Understanding and addressing health inequities in cancer incidence
    Deliver research to support a more effective and equitable public health agenda in cancer prevention.
  • Building prevention research capacity and community




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Our portfolio


You can find out who we have recently funded, or browse the case studies below for a taste of the kinds of projects and programmes that we support.

Richard Martin: How to write an award-winning population research funding proposal


Richard Martin, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and leader of the CRUK-funded CAP trial of prostate cancer screening, talked to us about the impact of the study and the advice he’d give researchers seeking funding for population research.


我们已经启动了国际合作,以在建议通过我们的Catalyst Award资助的癌症风险下降低阿司匹林之前回答最终问题。

Using patient data in research to improve treatments and survival

Hospital worker with patient records-Luton Hospital

We caught up with Willie Hamilton and Fiona Walter to find out why, with appropriate safeguards, making patient data accessible for research is so important for beating cancer sooner.